Mue 31

Our current project Mue 31 is a high performance glider with 15 m span and flaps, according to the FAI 15m-class.

The innovative idea behind this project is a new concept for an optimized wing-fuselage-geometry. Our prototype is based on the ASW27 by Alexander Schleicher Flugzeugbau.

The wing is mounted to the fuselage rather high in order to reduce the interference drag in the low-speed region. Additionally, the fuselage contraction has been increased, thus reducing wetted area to minimize friction drag when flying at higher speeds. Research was done by our members in the wind tunnel of TU Delft, supervised by Ir. Loek Boermans.

With the aerodynamic advantages come structural challenges. The high position of the wing on the fuselage leaves little room for structure and control linkages. The wing is divided in three parts, with a middle and two outer wings. This concept required a structural stress test until the wing broke. To realize this aircraft, new technologies and materials will be used, especially for flight controls and safety measures.

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