About us

Themed “Design, build and fly”, the Akaflieg München has been existing since its foundation in 1924 and consists of students from different faculties and various Munich universities.

We share one common goal:

To design, build and fly gliders and motor planes.

“Akaflieg (Akademische Fliegergruppe)” means “academic flying group”. Above all, that is to say: we love to fly! And we are not satisfied by flying aeroplanes that have been designed by other people. We want to build planes by ourselves. This is more than mere fancy: In nearly 90 years of history, Munich university students have accomplished more than 35 projects - and most of them have been flying successfully. Today, we are still using seven of these aircraft. Altogether, we aviate 18 gliders and aeroplanes.

The combination of engineering and manufacturing, thus transferring the theoretical knowledge learned in lectures to practical skills and gaining experience in the workshop, motivates us to spend a minimum of 300 hours per year of our spare time in our own workshops, our engineering office and at the airfield. Of course, flying lessons within the association and proving flights with our prototypes are also important parts of the occupations. 

Our facilities consist of our club room (so called “Turm”/“Tower”) on TUM campus in the city centre, our engineering office (“Kobü”) on TUM campus in Garching  and three workshops (in Garching, at the Hochschule München and at the airfield near Königsdorf in the south of Munich).

At our engineering office, modern CAD work stations are located next to old-fashioned drawing boards. There, we are developing our innovative ideas and concepts. In the main workshop in Garching, we are working keenly on our current project, Mü31, which is going to be a peak performance glider with optimised transition between fuselage and aerofoils.

We also have important contacts and cooperation with various aeronautical companies which support us with financial aid and donations in kind. These companies benefit from our research activities, e.g. by using our research outcomes.

Altogether, there are ten Akafliegs in Germany that construct airplanes. They are associated in the 'Idaflieg'.

During our studies, we are active members of the “young group”. Currently, we consist of more than 50 students from various disciplines. Many of us are studying aerospace, but there are also students from other faculties, e.g. electrotechnology, biology, business... The only requirement to be affiliated is an enrolment at one of Munich universities. 

In average, our members are active during four or five years. They gain manual skills in the workshop but also soft skills including creativity, teamwork, organisations, project management and many more. We keep on improving all the skills we need to be professional engineers. 

Those who have finished their studies still contribute to our association by giving financial aid an donations in kind. Also, they are very important to pass their knowledge and experience.

Our project always raise the claim to develop and apply new technology and methods for the construction of airplanes (particularly gliders) by doing a lot of research. Thereby, the Akaflieg München has built for example the Mü 27 with adjustable wing area, the Mü 28, the world's fastest acrobatic glider (over 380km per hour) and the Mü 30 „Schlacro“, which is propelled by a powerful engine to be able to haul sailplanes but also to perform impressive acrobatic stunts. Our current project, the Mü 31, features an aerodynamically improved transition between the fuselage and the aerofoils.


If you are interested in joining us, please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to get you to know!

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