Mü5 "Wastl"

In the late 20's, several airplane designers tried to spare the tail section of a glider. Among them was the Akaflieg Munich. Within three months, the delta plane Mü5 'Wastl' was constructed. It had positively darted wings with a horizontal fold and a tiny oval cockpit that gave the Mü5 its nickname 'flying egg'. This was a flattering name since 'Wastl' never actually flew. The longest 'flight' lasted 15 seconds. Finally, the delta glider crashed. "There was only one consolation for us", resumed Akaflieg's Egon Scheibe in a humoresque flight report, "most other delta projects shared our fate!"


Wing span 13.4m
Wing area 11m²
Aspect ratio 16.4
Wing load 12.3 kg/m²
Lenght 2m
Weight 55kp
Max. weight 135kp


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