Mü3 "Kakadu"

The Mü3 was an impressive construction with a wingspan of 20 meters, the first high performance glider of the Akaflieg. It was finished just in time for the 1928 glider competition on the Wasserkuppe mountain near Frankfurt. There, it was one of the stars, one Akaflieg member wrote, "not less than the 'Fafnir' or the 'Austria'". With its advanced wing geometry and low drag quotients, the Mü3 was guiding for the aviation industry. It remained Akaflieg's best glider until the mid-30's and was used for cross-country flights.


Wing span 19.56m
Wing area 22.6m²
Aspect ratio 22.6
Wing load 16.3 kg/m²
Profile Göttingen 652
Empty weight 200kg
Max. weight 280kg


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