Mü23 "Saurier"

In 1957, the Akaflieg started with the motorglider project Mü23 'Saurier' (saurian), being the groups' second motorglider after the Motormerlin (Mü13M). It had a slow Mü-profile and thus was capable of taking off at very low speed (less than 50km/h), enabling the Mü23 to operate off extremely short runways. Encountering difficulties with a VW1200- and a Brändl-ZB700-engine, finally a Volkswagen1500N engine provided satisfying performences. The Mü23 was popular with the Akaflieg pilots and participated in various competitions where it won several prizes. Today, the 'Saurian' is projected to be overhauled after being grounded for years.


Technische Daten Mü23:

Wing span 20m
Wing area 24m²
Aspect ratio 16.7
Load factor 29.2 kg/m²
Engine VW 1500 (45hp)
Empty weight 477kg
Max. weight 700kg
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