The Mü22b was the successor of the Mü22a that had crashed in 1959. It maintained the proven construction principles of the Mü22a, however with pendulum V-tail and an aerodynamically improved fuselage. It had its first flight on March 13, 1964. On June 5, 1964 it got damaged during flight testing for its stability and flutter bevavior and crashed. The pilot Frodo Hadwich was able to bail out unharmed. The glider was only lightly damaged by the impact. A broken pin at the control unit bearing was the cause of this accident. It was repaired and the Mü22b was rebuilt.

The composure of the wing is a technical masterpiece, consisting of wooden ribs with only 110mm distance. Thereby, it provides an excellent form accuracy and wing surface that is hardly inferior to the surface of modern fibre composite aicraft. The Mü22b was (and still is) a very popular cross-country glider, especially for flights into the Alps. In 1986, Akaflieg's Heiko Hertrich won the Barron Hilton-Cup ticket with a 586km-FAI-triangle on it. Jan Skedelj almost completed a 650km-triangle.

Technische Daten Mü22b:

Wing span 17m
Wing area 13.7m²
Aspect ratio 21.1
Wing load 26.6 kg/m²
Profile NACA 63(3)-618
Empty weight 280kg
Max weight 360kg
Sink rate (at 69km/h) 0.56m/s
Glide ratio (at 80km/h) 36

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