The Mü22a was the first project of the Akaflieg Munich after WW2. It featured a laminar profile, a V-tail and 4° positively darted wings. The Akaflieg tradition of wood construction mixed with steel framework structure (the so-called 'Münchner Schule') was continued. The construction of the Mü22 took place in the workshop of the Akaflieg in Prien/Bavaria during 1953 and 1954. This single-seater (design Dipl.Ing. Frodo Hadwich) became a high performance glider with a large speed range. It had a good glide ratio and it was much more suitable for cross-country-flight than former gliders with Mü-profile. The Mü22 had its maiden flight on November 29, 1954 in Munich-Riem and showed fine flight characteristics. In 1959, it achieved a second rank in the open class of the national championships. That same year, it was lost in an accidental crash.

Technische Daten Mü22a:

Wing span 16.6m
Wing area 13.54m²
Aspect ratio 20.4
Wing load 29.5 kg/m²
Profile NACA 63(3)-618
Empty weight 250kg
Max. weight 400kg
Sink rate. (at 62km/h) 0.5m/s
Glide ratio (at 75km/h) 36

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