Mü13 "Merlin"

The Mü13 'Merlin' was designed by Dipl.Ing. Egon Scheibe and featured the same steel framework fuselage as the Mü10 'Milan'. The wings of this single seater had flaps that resembled modern vault flaps. They extended over the entire wingspan. With a glide ratio of 28, the Mü13 was one of the best gliders of its time. Due to its thin profile, it could be flown relatively fast.

At first, only two prototypes were built, 'Merlin' and 'Atalante'. The latter became one of the most famous and successful gliders of the 30's. The owner Kurt Schmidt achieved a 252km flight from the Wasserkuppe mountain to Trier, at that time a remarkable distance. With little changes, the 'Atalante' was later produced in series as Mü13D and subsequently dominated the competitions. With this glider, Egon Scheibe's design philosophy known as 'Münchner Schule', made its break-through. As Mü13E, Scheibe produced a double-seated version that later became the famous training glider 'Bergfalke'. In 1937, the 'Merlin' was equipped with a Köcher-Kröber M4 engine (18hp) and named Mü13M 'Motormerlin'. It had a maximum speed of 125 km/h and was landed with 45km/h, needing no wheel brakes. The Mü13 became a very popular plane.

Wing span 16m
Wing area 16.16m²
Aspect ratio 15.8
Wing load 16.7 kg/m²
Lenght 6.02m
Empty weight 170kg
Max. weight 270kg
Min. sink rate (55km/h) 0.6m/s
Glide ratio (66km/h) 28


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