Mü10 "Milan"

The'Milan' is one of the most successful glider planes the Akaflieg Munich has ever built. Dipl.Ing. Egon Scheibe designed this double-seater. The Mü10 was the first glider that featured a steel framework fuselage. It established the so-called 'Münchner Schule',a distinct construction philosophy. The Mü profile of the wings proved a success, especially at low speed, e.g. during thermal circling. The backseat was entered through a little swing door under the left wing. The Akaflieg Munich archives contain a detailed construction plan by Egon Scheibe. It emphasizes that the glider should be easy to assemble and transport. Nevertheless, the Mü10 was classified as a high performance glider with a gliding ratio of 20.

The 'Milan' did its first flight in 1934 and has since lived an eventful life. Remarkable cross country distances were achieved with it (e.g. 195km from Salzburg/Austria to Fara d'Alpago/Italy in 1937). The 'Milan' was awarded the 'Rhön Construction Award' in 1934. It survived the 2nd World War in the 'German Museum' (Deutsches Museum) in Munich and was reactivated 1951 as a training glider. It crossed the Alps several times, last in 1959. Today, the Mü10 is displayed in the 'German Museum' again.

Wing span 17.8m
Wing area 20m²
Aspect ratio 15.6
Wing load 16.8 kg/m²
Empty weight 180kg
Max. weight 335kg
Min. sink rate 0.65(0.7)m/s
Glide ratio 20


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