Mü1 "Vogel Roch"



The first project of the Akaflieg Munich, the Mü1 'Vogel Roch', was constructed in 1924, shortly after the foundation of the Akaflieg,and built in Herrsching at the Ammersee lake.

It was a water sail plane with a shiplike fuselage. It featured an open cockpit and was launched by a motorboat on the lake.



Wing span 12.62m
Wing area 16m²
Aspect ratio 9.9
Wing load 13.4 kg/m²
Profile Göttingen 441
Empty weight 135 kp
Max. weight 215 kp


The pictures were provide by John and Michael Radcliffe. The originals are with Dr. Matthias Röschner at Deutsches Museum Archive.

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