Mü 27

Akaflieg Munich's Mü27, together with the fs29 of the Akaflieg Stuttgart and the SB11 of the Akaflieg Braunschweig, forms a completely new generation of gliders able to change their wing geometry in flight. The Mü27 employs a so-called Wortmann-flap that enables this double-seater to increase its wing area 36%. Thus the Mü27 can transform from a high-speed into a extremely-low-speed glider in flight.

The Mü27, being constructed in fiberglass composite style, has a wing span of 22 meters. To increase its wing area it operates a gapless flap that can be extracted at the rear of the entire wing. This Wortmann-flap (christianed after Professor Wortmann, who has developed a suitable profile) is actuated with an electric motor which is installed in the fuselage. The Mü27 can adapt its wing geometry in thermals requiring low speed for circling. In the extended position the Wortmann-flap provides a low wing loading profile with a high lift coefficient. This way the extended Wortmann-flap provides a wing load of only 37kp and makes it possible to circle with low velocity. To achieve a low drag and high loading profile, which is important for fast gliding between thermals, the Mü27 can retract the Wortman-flap and transforms itself into a high speed glider with good glide ratio.

The Mü27 was Akaflieg's first glider being completely constructed in fiber-composite style. During nearly ten years of costruction a lot of difficulties emerged. The wing span of 20 meters required a four-piece wing structure. The spar had to be manufactured from aluminium, since there was no satisfying mechanical property available for carbon fiber. The extendable Wortmann-flap also needs a complex mechanism to couple the ailerons which let the Mü27 become the world's heaviest glider (empty weight equipped at 712kg!). Because there was no space in the wings for sufficient air brakes, the airplane is equipped with a drouge chute.

The Mü27 started to its maiden flight on February 24, 1979. Neglecting its very large ailerons forces, the glider has pleasant flight characteristics. 

Since autumn 2007 the Mü 27 can be astonished at "Flugwerft Schleißheim des Deutschen Museums" next to the fs 29 (Akaflieg Stuttgart) and the AK1 (Akaflieg Karlsruhe). Its last flight was a tow flight from Königsdorf to Oberschleißheim.

Wing span 22m
Wing area 17.6 (23.9)m²
Aspect ratio 27.6 (20.3)
Wing load 40.0 (29.4) kg/m²
Profile FX 67-VG-170/136
Empty weight 712kg
Max. weight 900kg

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