Mü 26


 The original name of the Mü26 was Mü22d, since it was an improved version of the Mü22b. It did its first flight in June 1971 in Oberpfaffenhofen. The Mü26 has a slender glassfiber fuselage with a small cross-section area and wooden wings and V-tail. Additionally it is equipped with vault flaps. The Eppler 348-profile provided very good low-speed and landing characteristics which is decisive for cross-country flights in the Alps. The low cross section resulted in a "cigar-shaped" fuselage with a unfavourable lying position for the pilot in the narrow cockpit. During the test flight a maximum speed of 240km/h (150mph) was achieved. At the Idaflieg-meeting in 1971, the Mü26 reached a glide ratio of 40. After a crash landing it had been overhauled for several years and looks all new and shiny again, now. It had its "second maiden flight" at the end of 1997 and is still in use, of course.



Wing span 16.6m
Wing area 15.3m²
Aspect ratio 18.0
Wing load 25 kg/m²
Profile Eppler 348
Empty weight 212kg
Max. weight 382kg
Sink rate (at 83km/h) 0.6m/s
Glide ratio (at 97km/h) 40

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